Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: Is Culligan Bottled Water's product the same quality as the other water companies?

A: We feel it is better. Most of the other companies purify their drinking water through reverse osmosis where Culligan utilizes steam distillation. While reverse osmosis produces a good product, there can be variations in the final result because it depends on the quality of the water they begin with. Steam distillation produces the same product no matter what the quality of the water that's being used from the start.

2) Q: Can I get delivery service if I don't rent a water cooler from Culligan?

A: Absolutely. Culligan will deliver any size bottle to a customer even if they don't need to rent a cooler. We also have several styles of coolers for sale as well.

3) Q: Can I get same day service?

A: In nearly all instances, yes. One of the many benefits of dealing with Culligan is that we handle all of our calls typically within a matter of a few hours. In addition to our regular delivery drivers, we have dispatched pickup trucks to handle overflow calls and special needs calls so that our customers don't have to wait long. We provide unmatched service in the industry.

4) Q: Is the spring water actually from a natural spring source?

A: Yes. We get our Mountain Spring Water from a natural spring in Sedona, Arizona. To keep the integrity of the minerals in the spring water, we only carbon filter the water and do not purify it any further.

5) Q: Do you have non-spill bottles?

A: Yes. We offer non-spill bottles in all of our water types. A lot of the coolers today come with a probe attachment in the reservoir that pierces the bottles when they are introduced into the system. We also carry various kits that adapt to many of the makes and models of coolers available to the consumer, as well as on the models we rent and sell.

6) Q: Do you offer discounts to your customers?

A: We do offer volume discounts to our customers that require a lot of bottled water. Discounts are determined once a steady usage has been established or proven.