What is in our water?

Culligan Bottled Water has a variety of water types to suit your preferences and needs. Our water comes bottled with color-coded caps that indicate the type of water inside. Our water is purified through carbon filtration and steam distillation. The water is heated until it is vaporized, then it is condensed back into water, leaving behind over 99% of all impurities. We test our water several times daily and send a sample to an independent lab for testing, weekly. We have an analysis available on request.

Drinking Water
Sodium-free with select minerals added back in for taste. Minerals include calcium, magnesium and potassium. Our drinking water has 23 to 30 ppm (parts per million) total dissolved solids.

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Fluoridated Water
Sodium-free with the same minerals as the drinking water with the addition of 0.8 ppm fluoride. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.

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Distilled Water
Sodium-free with no minerals added. Approximately 1 ppm total dissolved solids. It is the purest water you can drink. It can also be used in appliances and machinery (i.e. irons, humidifiers, car batteries, etc.).

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Mountain Spring Water
Spring water comes from Sedona, Arizona and is filtered through carbon. It does not go through any additional purification process. It has more total dissolved solids than drinking water.

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